commissioned community development programs
We fuse together playful creative experiences, with community development approaches, purposeful and innovative ways of learning, sharing and building connections.
From showcasing the creative skills of seniors, to working with social housing tenants on an art exhibition; curating a zine with young people, to connecting with young adults with a disability: Rumpus can design projects and programs that work towards a greater purpose of capacity building, with purposeful play as the tool.
Our expertise brings purposeful programming into focus, to build stronger communities. Our team is highly experienced in community development practice, program design and facilitation, review and project analysis

2018: In partnership with Illawarra Social Investment Trust and FACS, Rumpus is working with social housing tenants in Bellambi on a purposeful learning project

2016: We engaged seniors to share their skills, with support from the IRT Foundation, for our 'Pass it On' Project

2015: In collaboration with Headspace Wollongong, we engaged creatives to work with young people on the creation of a zine

Pass it on project...

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We help unlock individual potential within a shared environment of purposeful play that builds and strengthens community.
We are a non-profit organisation.