Drawing Fundamentals

6:30 - 9pm
5 wks
All of Sundry, Woonona

Join artist Jason Howe as he teaches you the fundamentals of drawing from observation. Jason will demonstrate and explain the core skills of drawing.

This course will show you how easy and satisfying it is to draw from life. You will work with graphite and charcoal, then paint in acrylics with grey values and, finally, with colour.

In order to paint what you see, you first need to be able to draw. And the time-honoured way to learn drawing is through rendering still lives.  Don’t think of boring fruit bowls. The objects you draw can be as contemporary and personal as you like. But the essentials of art – colour, form, composition and light – haven’t changed.

This series is suitable for beginning and intermediate artists – anyone who wants to develop their passion for art.

Class content will include: the importance of materials; composition, perspective and construction; line quality and varied weight; light and shadow; rendering tonal value, including shading and hatching techniques. And these skills will give you the steps you need to move into painting in a realistic style.

Set in the cosy All of Sundry through the winter nights, come and warm the creative soul with this course!

18th June, 25th June, 2nd July, 9th July, 16th July

Jason Howe

Jason Howe is a fine artist, illustrator and designer whose work reflects his appreciation of traditional drawing and painting techniques. He is comfortable and competent in traditional and digital techniques, generating large-scale murals, vector work, digital painting, oils, acrylics and watercolours.

Jason was born near the southern beaches of Sydney and is now based on the south coast of N.S.W. He has exhibited in many solo and group shows in several of Australia’s major cities and the US over the last 25 years. He is also a founding member of Sketch The Rhyme, an audio/visual performance collective that has taken its improvised speed drawing hip-hop shows around Australia, performing at festivals.

As well as studying and practicing the fine arts he has recently completed the Advanced Diploma of Illustration and Design at Enmore Design Centre, where he was privileged to win the coveted prize for Best Illustration Technique. His first of many children’s picture books, Congo Rock, which he designed and illustrated, was published in July 2014

To see more of Jason’s work visit: www.drawnbyjason.com

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