Photography Skills @ Sunrise

7am -10am
3 hours
Woonona Beach

Learn to capture the best part of the day. 

In this next instalment of photography classes, following on from Photography Skills day. You'll learn the skills and have field experience taking photos with your own camera. 

With Billie and Jon there to guide you. You'll learn about light, composition, aperture and all the technical mumbo jumbo about getting off the automatic setting of your camera.

Even if you didn't attend the previous photography skills day, you are still welcome to join in!

Bille & Jon Harris

Our power team of photographers are back for their next skillshare class. This dynamic duo are a wealth of knowledge. Billie a master of light and Jon an avid landscape photographer, amongst many other talents.

Check out their visual worlds on instagram

Billie : @billielikes

Jon Harris : @jonharris_photography

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