oct 18-20 2019
a creative weekend escape
wollongong, south coast
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about us
we're all about play
We are a non-profit organisation that uses PLAY as a tool to unlock skills and build mentally healthy communities and workplaces
creative programming for communities and work-places supporting Mental Health: because it takes the making of new habits to ditch old ones.
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Purposeful play experiences: because large-scale social gatherings ignite different thought patterns and ideas that are good for your health
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creative programming and experiences for workplaces, teams and leadership groups: because playful focus is proven to sharpen minds, build team connection, and improve workplace culture.
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Community development, project management and design: because our expertise in play lifts engagement, building stronger communities.
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We help unlock individual potential within a shared environment of purposeful play that builds and strengthens community.
We are a non-profit organisation.