‍We believe that everyone has something to learn, and something to share and pass on to others.
Whether it’s how to cook a meal on a budget, to build a backyard oven, or paint with watercolour, make jam or keep chooks. These are all skills that help make our communities more resourceful and sustainable, and also ways to spend time that invite focus, inspiration, creativity and an unplug from relentless busy-ness of modern life.

Founders Caitlin Marshall and Lizzie Rose have created a model that is for everyone. Where through fun skillshare classes, unique playful events, workplace experiences and boutique retreats, people from all walks of life are warmly invited to reconnect with the power of play, for learning, for building community, or just, for fun.

In five years, the enterprise has supported over 1000 community members to share and teach their skills to others. Over 10000 community members have learnt new skills.

From humble beginnings programming skill-share classes, Rumpus now works in multiple ways and places to promote 'purposeful play' as a vital tool for mentally healthy communities and workplaces.

Sound good? Come and play!
Our Team
Caitlin Marshall
Caitlin Marshall has over 15 years experience working in community development, social work and adult education. Her work has incorporated the concept of play as a tool for personal growth, community building and social action in a range of contexts - working with itinerant boarding house residents, young homeless women, families affected by mental health, and people with opiate addictions in Scotland. She is passionate about unlocking resources and skills, and rebalancing the power of vulnerable people in the community.
Lizzie Rose
Lizzie Rose is passionate about working with people in a way that creates community connection for the benefit of individual health and wellbeing. She has worked with community for over two decades in the field of environmental sustainability, arts and cultural development. She is mother to two boys, an advocate of local food and dabbles in printmaking.  Her dedication to social change and commitment for building sustainable, resourceful and connected communities has defined her work and life.
Kim Ebbeck
Skillshare Program Coordinator
Kim's talents are so varied it makes her the skillshare program extraordinaire. Her passion for getting people out and crafting, learning new skills and interacting with people gives the community we live in energy. Moving to the area 15 years ago whilst studying Jewellery and Object Design at Enmore, Kim began volunteering with Wild Rumpus in 2014 and was part of our very first Market in 2012.Her experience in teaching at Sturt Craft Centre harnessed her with the skills and abilities to take on any task, big or small.
Olivia O'Leary
Olivia is an experienced Change, Culture, Marketing and Communications Executive with expertise in staff engagement and behavioural change in large corporate organisations. She studied psychology and languages and has a background in elite sport; all experiences that have shaped her interest in the positive development and wellbeing of the communities she is a part of.  Liv is a mother of two boys, a surfer and music lover, and is passionate about connecting with and supporting the Illawarra community to ensure it continues to grow as a diverse, creative, innovative and fun place to live and work.
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We help unlock individual potential within a shared environment of purposeful play that builds and strengthens community.
We are a non-profit organisation.